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The classification of paper bags

As the name implies, all bags whose materials contain paper ingredients can be collectively referred to as paper bags.
1,The material of the paper bag: kraft paper bag, white cardboard paper bag, art paper bag, white paper bag, and a small amount of special paper.
2,Bottom sealing methods of paper bags: there are four types of paper bags: valve-type suture bags, open-seam-bottom bags, open-bonded corner-bottom bags, valve-type flat hexagonal end-bottom bonded bags, etc.
3,Application of paper bags: food bags, shopping bags, gift bags, archive bags, handbags, envelopes, medicine bags, cement bags, feed bags, clothing bags, wax paper bags, laminated paper bags, fertilizer bags, four-layer paper bags, wine bags.
4,Handles selection for paper bags: DCK (cordless bag body digging handle), NKK (punching and threading), BBK (with tongue but not punching), NAK (no hole with rope, divided into no-mouth fold and standard fold type).

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