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The system is developed with PHP + MySQL technology and MVC mode. The architecture is clear and the code is easy to maintain. Support pseudo static function, generate Google and Baidu maps, support custom URLs, keywords and descriptions, and comply with SEO standards. It has common module functions of enterprise websites (enterprise profile module, news module, product module, download module, picture module, online message, online order, friendship link, website map, etc.), powerful and flexible background management function, which can create a professional and marketing standard website for enterprises.
Introduction to website system functions:
1. Single page module: it can release all kinds of information of the enterprise, such as enterprise profile, organization, enterprise honor, contact information, etc., and can be added or deleted at will.
2. News module: it can release enterprise news and industry news, and support secondary columns with unlimited number of columns.
3. Product module: products support secondary classification, and can directly place orders for products, and support email notification, which is more in line with enterprise marketing.
4. Picture module: in the form of picture album, it can publish successful cases or Company album and other columns to more intuitively show the advantages of the enterprise.
5. Download module: users can upload documents in the background to facilitate website customers to download and use.
6. Online message: let customers' suggestions and messages be fed back to the enterprise in time, and support email notification to make communication more convenient.
7. Product search: product search can be carried out on the keywords entered by customers, which increases the flexibility of the website.
8. Product copy: the added products can be copied, which improves the efficiency of adding products.
9. Image watermark: the company's watermark image can be set in the background to prevent the enterprise's product image from being stolen.
10. Email notification: when the customer places an order or leaves a message, it will send an email to your designated mailbox to make the work more efficient.
11. Search optimization: the whole site supports pseudo static, can customize keywords, description, URL, generate sitemap function, add internal chain, label and other functions.

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